Philodendron Hope

Philodendron Hope 20cm Pot Plant


The Philodendron selluoum Hope is one of the larger leaved varieties within the Philodendron family. The leaves of this plants grow on long stems in an open formation creating a stunning jungle silhouette. In its natural habitat the Hope's leaves can reach up to 5 feet long, while this won't be the case in an indoor setting you can imagine the tropical aesthetics this plant will create. Like all plants the Philodendron Hope will not take kindly to being water-logged. Be sure to check that the top inch of soil has dried out prior to its next scheduled watering. The plant will stretch its leaves towards the light, therefore regular rotation will help to create an even looking plant. 


  • Habitat: Compact and tidy growing habit.
  • Light: Prefers medium to bright indirect light. Will not thrive in low light.
  • Water: Likes moist soil. Not too wet and not too dry.
  • Soil: Will be happy in a bark/peat based soil which retains moisture, but does not hold water.
  • Fertiliser: Every 2-4 Months or during growth periods.


Philodendron Hope

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