Philodendron Grey

Philodendron Grey (Philodendron Hastatum) 14cm Pot Plant


Philodendron Grey (Philodendron hastatum) or Silver sword has a lovely silver, almost metallic looking foliage. This plant has a sturdy stem which supports an upright growth habit. Training your plant from its small grade size is important as it helps create a spectacular mature specimen. This can be done with a thin stake or a pole depending on your customers preference.


  • Habitat: An avid climber that will thrive being near a pole or trelis.
  • Light: Prefers medium to indirect sunlight.
  • Water: Likes moist soil, won't mind drying out a little however will not like it for extended periods of time.
  • Soil: Best kept in a loose well draining soil.
  • Fertiliser: During Spring and Summer months.
  • Toxic: Not to be consumed by people or pets.

Philodendron Grey

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