Alocasia Lauterbachiana

Alocasia Lauterbachiana 20cm Pot Plant


If your customers are looking a bold statement plant for their homes the Alocasia Lauterbachiana delivers in both style and name. The Alocasia Lauterbachiana displays unique colouring with its dark green leaf face and deep purple underside complemented by its matte black stems. This plant is different from the other Alocasia's in the way its stems are far more  upright. As a first time introduction to the New Zealand market your customers are going to see this as a welcomed addition. It also follows the Alocasia family traits where it will thrive only when kept in its ideal conditions. Less than ideal conditions may result in marks on the leaves, or potential leaf loss. 

  • Habitat: The Lauterbachiana is a fast growing plant, although it will hibernates in cooler temperature. 
  • Light: Prefers bright indirect light and warmer temperatures. 
  • Water: Likes slightly moist soil, don't let soil dry out, or over water. 
  • Soil: Loose well draining soil is recommended. 
  • Fertiliser: Once a month during spring and summer. 


Alocasia Lauterbachiana

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